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High-density gas formation and star formation in the Milky Way: The FUGIN project

Nario Kuno

University of Tsukuba, Observational Astrophysics Group


The FUGIN project is a 12CO(J=1-0), 13CO(J=1-0), C18O(J=1-0) galactic plane survey using the 45 m Nobeyama Space Radio Observatory radio telescope. The goal is to understand the evolution of interstellar gas, e.g., molecular cloud formation, high density gas formation, and star formation in the Galaxy. Observation have been completed and many results have been obtained. For example, investigating the proportions of high density molecular gas using the 3 emission lines for high density molecular gas formation in the galaxy, it was found that it was high at the ends of the bar and the spiral arms and low at the bar'r rod. In addition, examining the inside of giant molecular clouds (W51, W43) focusing on regions, where the proportion of high density molecular gas is high, we find evidence that high density molecular gas is formed by collision of gas with a variety of velocity components.