Tsukuba Uchu Forum

117th Uchu Forum

The Diversity of IGM-galaxy connection among galaxies at redshift z = 2-3

Rieko Momose

University of Tokyo


The link between the intergalactic medium (IGM) and galaxies is key to understand the evolution of baryonic matter and galaxies. In fact, several observational studies have confirmed the connection between the IGM HI and galaxies up to several tens comoving Mpc. However, understanding the variations on the IGM-galaxy connection over galactic properties, such as mass, SFR, and galaxy population, is still limited. Motivated by this, we have studied the IGM-galaxy connection and its dependence on those galactic parameters to shed more light on the link using both simulations and observations. In this talk, I will present the observational results obtained from Lyα forest tomography named the CLAMATO (Lee et al. 2016, 2018). I will also discuss the change of the IGM-galaxy connection in terms of galaxy evolution indicated from our results.