Tsukuba Uchu Forum

97th Uchu Forum


Integrated perturbation theory and bias in large scale structure

Takahiko Matsubara

High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)


The era of precision cosmology has fully matured. Recently, CMB observations by Planck showed that you can explain the universe surprisingly well with a standard Big Bang cosmology model, but many fundamental mysteries remain, such as the identity of dark matter and dark energy. At present, large galaxy surveys are being carried out and our knowleged of the three dimensional large-scale structure of the universe will dramatically improve. A precise theory is required for the analysis of large-scale structure, but there are tricky but important theoretical or technical problems, e.g., nonlinear structure formation, redshift space distortions, bias, etc.. As a general approach to these problems, we developed a framework called "integrated perturbation theory". I will give an outline of this theory and the relatively recent progress in handling the bias effect in the quasi-nonlinear domain.