Theoretical Astrophysics Seminars

40th Seminar


Radiation hydrodynamical simulations of first-star binaries including radiative feedback

Kazuyuki Sugimura

University of Tohoku


The formation of the first stars after the big bang is one of the most important outstanding problems in modern astrophysics. While recent theoretical studies of the formation of individual first stars revealed the importance of radiative feedback and led to estimates first star the masses of first stars, studies that follow the fragmentation and formation of star clusters under the influence of radiation feedback are not as advanced. Here we study the process of star-cluster formation through an augmentation of the "SFUMATO" AMR MHD code with modules to solve non-equilibrium thermodynamics and chemistry, protostellar evolution, and adaptive ray-tracing. I shall first give an overview of the theory of first star formation, then introduce the capabailites of our new code, and show some first results from our simulations.