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Fifth "SMBH Research Promotion and Liason" Workshop


Science and Motivation

In 2013, The Supermassive Black Hole Research Consortium (SMBH-REC) was created with the aim of promoting collaboration and exchange in areas of SMBH research. The kick-off workshop, the first of a series of workshops, was held in Ehime University. This year, we hold the fifth workhsop again focusing on high-redshift supermassive black holes and the properties of the first stars.

The discovery of quasars at redshifts beyond 7 implies the existence of SMBH exceeding $10^8$ M$_\odot$ $10^8$ years after the big bang. How such massive black holes were formed in such a short time is not known. In a cosmological context of galaxy and black hole formation, it is crucial to investigate the formation of the first black holes and their evolution to current day SMBH at the centers of galaxies self-consistently. This workshop will feature observational and theoretical review talks on the formation and evolution of SMBH, and related invited talks.